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Shabbat is Yom Menucha, a day of rest (as well as eating, singing, and happiness!). is honored to make available to you beautiful Judaica gifts to help you sanctify the Shabbat. Inside you’ll find candlesticks, Kiddush cups, challah cutting boards and covers, Havdalah sets and more.
Shabbat Havdalah Sets
Offering traditional Armenian ceramic Havdalah sets, wooden Havdalah sets with exquisite hand-painted designs from the renowned Yair Emanuel studio and classically designed silver & gold plated Havdalah sets. Click to enter gallery
Shabbat Kiddush Cups
This is an eclectic range of Kiddush cups, offering a range of Kiddush Cups from traditional Armenian Ceramic cups, classic silver & gold plated cups, exquisite wooden hand painted cups and a collection of Sterling Silver Kiddush Cups from veteran silversmith Saadia Nadav. Click to enter gallery
Challah Boards Challah Boards
This rich collection of Challah boards offering a range of designs that will appeal to all tastes. Click to enter gallery
Round Pewter Shabbat Candlesticks with Blue Gemstones Shabbat Candlesticks
This rich collection of candlesticks offering a range of designs that will appeal to all tastes includes a mix of brass, pewter, gold & silver plated candlesticks in addition to the more traditional ceramic Armenian designs. Click to enter gallery
Challah Covers
This is a truly exquisite collection of hand-embroidered Challah Covers. These colorful designs created by the Emanuel Studio have been portrayed in chain-stitch using various colors of silk threads upon a background of raw silk. Click to enter gallery
Shabbat Platters
Featuring a superb collection of Shabbat Platters, ranging from the beautiful glass designs of Israeli artists Andreas Meyer from the Nahariya studio & Doris, to the exquisite hand-painted wooden designs of Yair Emanuel. Click to enter gallery
hadalah candles Havdalah candles
Offering vide range of Kosher Havdalah candles. All candles are handmade in Israel.
Click to enter gallery
candles Shabbat Candles & accessories
Vast collection of Shabbat candles and Accessories such as wicks, floating corks, tea light and more. Click to enter gallery


Throughout the thousands of years of its history, Shabbat has always been a day of song and gladness in the Jewish home. Its coming is an eagerly awaited event for which the family begins preparing days in advance. In fact, the Shabbat casts its radiant glow over then whole week. The days themselves are named in Hebrew in relation to the Shabbat: 'the first day to Shabbat,' 'the second day to Shabbat,' etc.

Everything looks forward to Shabbat. Business and social arrangements are made in such a way that they will not interfere with the Shabbat. Little luxuries bought during the week are stored up for the Shabbat. When Friday comes, the tempo increases. Every member of the household plays his or her part in the preparations.

Above all, of course, it is the Jewish housewife who now comes into her own. It is her proud duty to ensure that the royal guest is received in a worthy manner. She must see to it that all the Shabbat food is prepared and cooked before Shabbat arrives, the 'Shabbat-stove' is set up, the table set with fresh linen and sparkling silver, with wine and challot (special Shabbat breads) and the Shabbat lights." (The "Shabbat-Stove refers to an arrangement of the stove such that it is difficult or impossible to regulate the heat on Shabbat. This is usually accomplished by means of a sheet of tin placed on top of the stove, preferably with the edges bent down to cover the controls. Hot cooked food and an urn, or kettle, of hot water can then be placed on the stove before the commencement of the Shabbat, with the heat adjusted to keep them hot during Shabbat until needed)

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