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Judaica Mall is an exciting place for finding that special and unique Jewish gift that you have been searching for. We feature more than 3000 unique Judaica gifts from the leading artisans and adding new products daily. We invite you to explore our Judaica shop and make your next gift an amazing one!

Special Offer
Kiddush In Silver Challah Cover

Retail Price:   $69.00
Now Only: $47.95

Multicolored Jerusalem-scene Shofar Stand

Retail Price:   $70.00
Now Only: $43.95

Jerusalem hand painted honey & apple dish

Retail Price:   $46.00
Now Only: $29.95

Silver Ring Pendant with Red String

Retail Price:   $57.00
Now Only: $37.95

Silver and Opal Kabbalah Name-Circle Pendant

Retail Price:   $95.00
Now Only: $49.95

Stylish Silver-and-Leather Priestly Blessing Bracelet

Retail Price:   $200.00
Now Only: $113.95


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Yemenite Shofar

Mezuzah Scroll / Parchment

Pink Tallit

Silver Hamsa Pendant

AHAVA Hand Cream

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Dead Sea Cosmetics

Offering you a wide range of Dead Sea cosmetic products at great prices! On these pages you'll see the finest brands, including Ahava, Avani, Intensive Spa, Mineral Care , Premier Dead Sea and others. Dead Sea Cosmetics Pages.....



Hanukkah Menorahs

Artistically designed menorahs have been available for centuries. The tremendous creative variety available today have never been as easy to obtain. We at Judaica Mall are honored to introduce menorahs handcrafted by leading artisans. Menorahs – works of art to be handed down from generation to generation, some of them even as an heirloom.
Menorahs Pages....

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Mezuzah Cases & Scrolls

This is a truly stunning collection of over 200 Mezuzah cases ranging From the simplest of designs to the most decorative, we offer a truly stunning array of Mezuzah cases. Beautifully handcrafted, these Mezuzah cases come in both traditional and modern designs. Mezuzah Pages...




Judaica Mall is proud to present our magnificent collection of Shofars. Each Shofar is handmade and tested to assure quality sound. To compliment our Shofar, we offer a selected variety of Shofar bags. Shofars Pages.....

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Jewish Jewelry

Judaica Mall proudly presents the wonderful world of Jewish Jewelry. With over 300 different designs, we can offer you just about anything you're looking for. Jewish Jewelry Pages.....

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kabbalah Pendants & Rings

Offering kabbalah Jewelry handmade from gold, silver, copper, tin and lead, the Five Mystical Elements that together are believed to have been imbued with special spiritual power to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye and help insure health, wealth and success. kabbalah Pendants, Kabbalah Rings

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Tallit - Prayer Shawl

Our selection of Israeli made Tallits includes an extensive range that have been exquisitely hand-embroidered, silk appliqued, or even hand-painted. Made from fine fabrics such as organza, woven silk, or 100% wool, this is truly a superb collection of Tallits. Tallit Pages....

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Kiddush Cups

The Torah tells us Make the Sabbath Day holy. What better way than with a handcrafted Kiddush Cup from Judaica Mall. Perfectly suited for sanctifying Shabbat, a wedding, or yom tovim, each Kiddush Cup is made with care and precision from glass or 925 silver.
At Judaica Mall you will find that unique Kiddush Cup you’ve been looking for. Kiddush cups Pages....

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Hamsa Hands

The Hamsa Hands we offer are the creations of some of Israel's top handcraft artists. The Hamsa Hand has been used for centuries as a symbol and amulet for protection against evil and is known in Jewish lore as the Hand of Miriam. Hamsa Pages...
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Shabbat Candlesticks

what a better way to enhance the holiness of the day then with beautifully designed candlesticks from our vast collection of classic and artistic candlesticks. What an amazing gift for our friends, wives and daughters!! Candlesticks Pages.....

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